Collaboration Tools

  1. Participants will understand the benefits of collaboration in the classroom.
  2. Participants will explore some or all of the following collaboration tools: Edmodo, Kidblog, Googledocs, and Wikispaces.
  3. Participants will respond to prompts within Edmodo and Kidblog.


Edmodo to explore and obtain information about collaboration tools
  1. Join Edmodo Group at
  2. Sign in to request to join (you will have to create an account and get the school code from the instructor if you don't already have an Edmodo account)
  3. Respond to the poll and prompt.
  4. Go to Folders to explore the collaboration tool of your choice!

Kidblog as a writing tool in the classroom
  1. Go to
  2. Click on the Secret code button and enter the class code
  3. Enter a nickname and password
  4. Respond to the prompt

Googledocs for sharing and collaborating
  1. Go to the tech splash page
  2. Click on Googledocs Student