This session will explore how students can use digital tools on the iPads and laptops to create dynamic digital media to communicate what they have learned! Tools will include but not be limited to iMovie Trailers and movies, Google Slides, and VoiceThread. Come explore the ins and outs of each tool and see student examples of what can be done. An iPad is helpful but not necessary for this session.


  1. Participants will examine the features of a collaboration tool (online and app).
  2. Participants will create a sample using the tool of their choice.
  3. Participants will explore and discuss classroom applications for each tool.

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iMovie Trailers

Mac Tutorial -
iPad Tutorial -

RES 5th Grade Book Trailers

iMovie Projects

Mac Tutorial -

iPad Tutorials -

FES 1st Grade Digital Stories

Google Slides

Bottom line.... Use the web-based but NOT the app!!!

Slides on the Web....

Slides on the iPad (can only include text and shapes, NO IMAGES)

EPES 6th Grade President Report - Calvin Coolidge
FES 6th Grade Body System Group Presentation - The Nervous System

Voicethread - Check out these resources from Sue Allen's workshop website!

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Additional Resources

Drive - GToolsEdu