1. Participants will become familiar with using Doceri tools from the iPad alone.
  2. Participants will be able to connect their iPad to a laptop computer using Doceri.
  3. Participants will create a Doceri presentation.
  4. Participants will explore and discuss the benefits of incorporating screencasting into instruction.


1. Overview

2. From the iPad Alone
  • Choosing and creating custom backgrounds
  • Images from Photo Library
  • Drawing Area Tools (Pen, Marker, Highlighter, Lines, Shapes, Eraser) - press and hold to customize
  • Undo or Clear Slide Tools
  • Adding new slides
  • Recording Audio

3. Controlling your Laptop with Doceri Desktop
  • Connecting the iPad to your Laptop

4. Screencasting with Doceri
Doceri Timeline
Biology Example

5. Doceri in the Hands of Students

Resources to Continue Learning
Help Videos
Doceri channel on YouTube - Teacher and student sample presentations/screencasts
Doceri on Pinterest
Doceri blog
How to use Doceri in the classroom
Doceri Overview Slides

Connecting Doceri to your iPad

Doceri: An Introduction Slideshow