Using GoogleDrive and other Google Apps
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  1. Participants will explore a variety of Google apps including Google Drive, Sheets, Draw, and Earth.
  2. Participants will discuss curriculum applications for the apps and tools that they explore.
  3. Participants will collaborate to identify which tools best fit their instructional needs.


5 Awesome Things You Didn't Know Google Could Do

What do you want to know about Google Drive? Click in the box below to answer!

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What do you want to know about Google Drive?... at

Ready for more? Check out the info on this website! There is are two levels:
Google For Education: Level 1
Google For Education: Level 2

GoogleDrive on the iPad

(Have students log in to Google Drive from a laptop each year prior to using the iPad App)

Uploading pics and vids from an iPad to Googledocs
1. Make sure all images and video clips can be viewed in Camera Roll on the iPad.
2. On the iPad, open the Google Drive App and log in
● Tap Get Started
● Enter FULL EMAIL ADDRESS as below (ex.
● Enter password and tap Sign In
● At the Hempfield login screen, enter username (NOT full email address this time) and password
● Tap on the + sign in the upper right corner, then on Upload Photos or Videos
● Select Camera Roll, then choose the video (or image) to upload
● It will take a few minutes before the video can be viewed from within Googledocs. This is normal. To be safe, wait until you can view the video before signing out on the iPad
● Files will have a generic name. Rename them by tapping on the info (i) button to the right of the file
3. Log out of GoogleDrive as below
● Tap on the blue box with the person icon in it in the top left corner of the screen
● Tap on your name
● Tap on Manage button
● Tap on red REMOVE button
● Tap on Remove (this will NOT delete their Googledocs files, just their info from the iPad)

Ways to use GoogleDrive

Google Earth App

Navigating Google Earth for iPad
Opening KML & KMZ files in Google Earth for iPad
Sample Tours:

Creating Google Earth Tours

Google Maps App

Real World Learning with Google Apps
Real World Math Problems with Google Earth
Virtual Trip Planning Project