1. Participants will set up with own classroom blog.
  2. Participants will explore ways to use blogs to communicate with students and parents to share what is happening in school.

Agenda (Beginners)

Blogs are a great way to communicate with family and showcase student work. This session will assist participants in setting up their own classroom blog and explore ways to use it. Once it is set up, a class (or grade) blog can replace newsletters as a way to share what is happening in school. Whether your starting a new blog or already have one but need help or time to get it ready for the new school year, this session is for you. You'll be surprised how easy it is!
  • Overview of blogs and Examples
  • Setting up a Hempfield blog
    • Creating a username and password
    • Settings for your blog
    • Blog Layout
  • Blog Dashboard
  • Posts vs Pages
  • Writing and editing posts and pages
  • Uploading images, documents, and videos
  • Linking to other web pages
  • Comments

Agenda (Advanced)

Already have a blog? Get your blog ramped up for this school year and use the videos at the link below to explore new features you can implement!
Videos for Advanced Bloggers!

Other videos to Explore

Adding Color to Text


Resizing images in iPhoto
Digital cameras are often set to high resolutions, resulting in image files that are too large for upload. The video below walks you through how to resize images using iPhoto.



Remind 101 - Free account that sends text messages to participants (reminders, information, etc)