Participants will preview Soar to Success as an intervention tool for the students in their classroom.
Participants will discuss ways to use Soar to Success with targeted students.
Participants will view examples of data that can be obtained in ThinkCentral.
Participants will identify how the data obtained through the ThinkCentral assessments can be used with targeted students.

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Using Data from Assessments in ThinkCentral

Working with Test Results in ThinkCentral

Generating Reports in ThinkCentral



Using Soar to Success

Diagnose and prescribe intervention activities intended for use by struggling students under the close management of teachers. Available for use in both English and Spanish. After logging in, students will complete a warm-up of their first assigned skill. The Warm-Up Module is designed to determine each student's level of proficiency in an assigned skill. Students enter the warm-up two skills below level. As a student submits answers to questions electronically, SSMS monitors the student's proficiency level for the skill being tested. Should a student fail to demonstrate mastery of a skill, the warm-up steps backward, down the skill thread, presenting questions until the student shows a high level of proficiency.
Once students have completed the first assigned warm-up and their placement within that skill thread has been determined, they proceed to the Lesson module.
Each skill within SSMS is represented by a lesson. A lessons comprises a teaching model and an independent practice. Students can progress from one lesson in the skill thread to the next lesson by succeeding in the independent practice section. Students who have trouble with the independent practice may move down the skill path to the prerequisite lesson.
Once students achieve on-level mastery within a skill thread, they proceed to the next assigned warm-up. This pattern continues until the students have demonstrated on-level mastery within each assigned skill thread.
A Teacher Management System (TMS) enables teachers to manage student information and administer student assignments within the program, as well as set various program options.

Here's a sample of what Soar to Success looks like to students.

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