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Math Expressions Online Resources


1. Logging into the ThinkCentral Website as a teacher

  • Changing your password and/or security questions
    • Log in and click on Setting button, then "Manage Accounts".
    • Enter new password in appropriate fields
    • Change security questions if needed.
    • Click Save.

2. Teacher Dashboard Overview -

3. Content available to Students ("My Library")

  • Online Student Text
    • Navigation - Use Contents to quickly access unit and lesson
    • Audio - Resource built in to read student text
    • Bookmarks - mark page for quick return
    • Notes - Add and save notes
    • Help

  • iTools- interactive manipulatives
  • MegaMath Games - games correlated to the lessons. Can be assigned or give students access for practice
    Resource Descriptions

3. Managing Classes

4. Creating Assignments

  • Log into ThinkCentral
  • Go to Assignments... Add Other Assignment
  • Enter Assignment Name, Student Instructions, and choose Searchable Resource from the Add: menu. Click Go.
  • Select Subject, Grade, and Resource Type, then click Find.
  • Check desired item(s) and click AssignScreen Shot 2014-03-20 at 9.16.42 AM.png
  • Select Class and Subject, then assign to all or select students, identifying Available Date and Due Date.
  • Click Save.

5. Viewing Assignments

  • Enter a date range for Assignments you wish to view (it helps to make this a broad range).
  • Click on View Progress for that assignment.Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 9.19.18 AM.png

6. Accessing Student Usernames and Passwords

There are two ways to get usernames and passwords for students.

Via Sapphire:
1. Log in to Sapphire.
2. Go to Assessment Tracker
3. Check Homeroom box and choose your homeroom
4. Click Get Students button
5. Change Column Preset to Student Usernames and Password

Via ThinkCentral Site:
1. Log into ThinkCentral
2. Click on the gray square icon with an arrow coming out of it next to Resources or Assignments
3. Click on Classes tab
4. Click the circle next to your class name then on View Class roster
5. If you desire, export the class roster to an Excel Spreadsheet

Resources for teachers

Student Login Letter (Gr2-6)