Using Kidblog to Get Kids Writing

  1. Participants will understand the benefits of using technology tools for writing.
  2. Participants will explore Kidblog both from a student and teacher perspective, responding to prompts on a sample website.
  3. Participants will set up a Kidblog site then enter their own post to which students will respond.


Using Kidblog in the Classroom

Kidblog in the Classroom Videos
Kdg Q&A
Kidblog in LA

Kidblog as a writing tool in the classroom (using Mrs. Smith's sample class) -

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the Secret code button and enter the class code from the board
  3. Enter a nickname and password
  4. Respond to the prompt

Getting Started with your own Class Blog
  1. Setting up the blog
  2. Writing your first post
  3. Monitoring student posts
  4. Getting students started