Voicethread can help students create and give feedback.

  • Describe what Voicethread is and how it can be used in the classroom
  • Log into the website or app
  • Create a Voicethread
  • Share a Voicethread
  • View and comment on someone's Voicethread

Introduction to Voicethread


Voicethread Webinar

Logging in to VoiceThread

  • Use Tech Splash Page or Student Links Splash Page!
  • Accounts are automatically set up for both teachers and students

Creating and Editing a Voicethread

Creating a Voicethread - PDF


Sharing a Voicethread


Link for Workshop Sharing ! (Log in to VoiceThread via the Tech Splash page first)


Commenting on a Voicethread

Account Settings

Unless you disable email notifications, you will receive an email each time someone comments on a Voicethread you created or those in your group. To fix this, go up to "My Account" next to your name and choose My Account, then select the Notificaitons tab. Set all email notifications to NO!

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