Agenda for iPad Basics & Beyond

Setting up your iPad
  • Location services and Siri
  • Naming: EXAMPLE: BLDGi-LastName-Tag#
  • Connected to hempfield network
  • Connecting to an Apple TV

iPad basics (use and care of the iPad, system preferences)
  • Navigation of the iPad – Buttons and functions
  • Control Panel
  • Battery Life - 10hrs, display, quitting apps
  • Lock Rotation
  • Autolock
  • Passcodes
  • iOS Updates

Setting up email

  • Searching, Bookmarks, and webclips
  • Removing Ads
  • iTunes Accounts
  • Setting up/Using Existing Personal Account
  • Downloading Apps
  • Deleting apps from a device
  • Organizing Apps


iOS9 Video for Students & Teachers – by Sue Allen

Smith Workshops

App Review & Free Apps Websites