iPad Intro

iPad Best Practices

Access to iPads -

  1. iPad cart is kept in the lab.
  2. Use your school iPad Cart GoogleCalendar (make sure to choose the right one!) to reserve the cart!
  3. Elevator Key cards coming soon!

Using the iPad Cart

  • Review Rules (on binder)
  • Assign one device to each student
  • Plug in only at the end of the day

Sample Activities & Uses

Creating Content Using iPads

Finding and Using Apps

Assessing on the iPad

Requesting Apps to be added to the iPad Cart

Apps will be added to iPad carts on a quarterly basis. We currently do not have a budget for apps, but if you find a paid app that you feel has educational value and enhances student learning, please recommend it for review. Teachers can request apps to be added to the carts using the link below: